About Us

Clare Honeyfield (then Gerbrands) started Made in Stroud in 1991. Like all good things, the project started small, as a series of seasonal events held in St Lawrence Church Hall then the Subscription Rooms Ball Room

Made in Stroud caught the eye of Stroud-based fashion stylist and muse Isabella Blow. Isabella encouraged Clare in her endeavours and tried to help Clare set up a crafts barn on the family estate at Edge.  This was thwarted by problems with gaining planning permission.

In 1993, Clare and her family spent a year in travelling around the Mediterranean in a rusty Mercedes van, busking around the markets in France, Italy and Spain and staying in a (home made) tipi on the side of a mountain in Andalucía.

After their return to Stroud, Stroud District Council held a Community Planning Conference. “Made in Stroud” was one of the things people asked to see again.

In 1999, Clare set up Stroud farmers market, originally known as The Made in Stroud market.  Launched by Isabella Blow and Jasper Conran on 3rd July 1999, the event went on to become the most awarded farmers’ market in the UK, with 60 stalls a week when Clare left to concentrate on the shop March in 2013.

The Made in Stroud Shop opened in December 2000 with 25 artists and designers. The shop now has over 200 suppliers, and everything is still handmade in Stroud and the surround area.